Rückblende -Retrospective

Looking back at 2018 I have built and painted a lot of models. I did many conversions and always tried to make myminis look special. Here are some fellow models I really enjoyed while “being on a journey” with.

Wenn ich auf das letzte Jahr zurückschaue, habe ich einiges gebaut und bemalt – hier präsentiere ich Euch einige Favoriten meiner Reise durch die Hobbywelt.


The Wolves are almost ready!

So, after a rather long time with a lot of things happening – 8th edition coming out – I can present the second part of my commission work for Jesse:

The Primaris Wolves – the (almost complete ) Dark Imperium Set

The Wulfen


Stormfang Gunship

Fenrisian Wolves

Drop Pod

I was a lot of fun converting these models into Space Wolves and I put a lot of thought into it again to reach the same style and the spirit of the first commission for Jesse.

The rest of his order will follow soon – till the end of the year I hope.

More pictures soon 😉

A Lasercut Story

Seit einiger Zeit arbeite ich an diversen Projekten rund um das Tabletop Universum. Es kam durch einige glückliche Fügungen soweit, dass ich ein komplettes Marker Set für Malifaux gestaltet habe und dieses nun fertig ist. Man kann es im Kölner Laden Top Tables bewundern und demnächst auch käuflich erwerben.
Neben den Arbeiten an den Marker Sets (ja, Plural – da kommt noch mehr) habe ich ein paar Transport Sets entworfen, die es erlauben, Eure Minis in Ikea-Boxen zu transportieren.
Warum nun der Titel?
In Aachen gibt es einen Laden namens Laserkatze GbR, in dem ein sehr sympathisches Geschwisterpaar meine Design in fertige Produkte umsetzt.


Neugierig geworden?




Death Guard

Since we have a Primarch incoming I allow myself to cheer and make a promise: next to the Space Wolves I will start a diary about my Death Guard Army.

It will consist of a lot of new models but also many non-GW minis as well.

Plans are:

20 Poxwalkers

30 Zombies from Puppets of War

30 Goblins from the Hobbit 

14 new Death Guard Marines from the new Starter Set


Plague Land Raider

Chaos Predator

Chaos Rhino

Two Helbrutes

 a Baneblade blessed by Nurgle

Plague Ogryns

The Plague Night

And of course Mortarion

The Army of Wolves is ready…almost

After eight month of working on my first comission job ever I can proudly present the fruits of my work for/with Jesse. It was a pleasure!

The Wolves consist of:

Harald Deathwolf

Krom Fierce Eye

15 Blood Claws

15 Grey Hunters

15 Skyclaws

5 Scouts

10 Long Fangs

6 TWC including one Iron Priest

1 Venerable Dreadnought

1 Land Raider Crusader

1 Predator

1 Rhino / Razorback

1 Rhino

and of course The Wolf Knight